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Top 10: Dumbest Halo Cars

[svgallery name=”Top_10_Dumbest_Halo_Cars”] Story by John LeBlanc By definition, a “halo” car in the auto industry is supposed to beam a positive light, or image, about its maker. Or, for more pragmatic reasons, simply get people into empty showrooms filled with less exciting vehicles. Historically, the Dodge Viper is considered the most successful halo car of […]

Top 10: Most Beautiful 2010s

[svgallery name=”Top_10_Beauties_2″] Story by John LeBlanc If you want to start a good argument, forget about religion, sex or politics. Just go ahead and diss the looks of your neighbour’s precious set of wheels. Taking that risk, let me present you – what I think, anyway – are the ten most beautiful 2010 model-year cars […]

First Drive: 2009 Maserati Gran Turismo S

Story, video, and photos by John LeBlanc MODENA, Italy–If not for growing up here in the shadow of the Maserati brothers, Enzo Ferrari’s greatest claim to fame might have been as a World War I mule-skinner in the Italian army

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