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Feature: Just how important are trucks to the Canadian new vehicle market?

Story by John LeBlanc Let’s go right to the score card: In 2013, Canadians bought more new vehicles than ever before, to the tune of a record 1.743 million units, according to stats provided by DesRosiers Automotive Consultants. That’s up 4% from 2012, and handily beats the previous record of 1.703 million set in 2002. […]

Top 10s: New vehicles for Canadian hockey parents

Story by John LeBlanc Are there any drivers on Canadian roads and highways that deserve more respect than hockey parents? (or skiing, speed skating, curling, luge, bob sleigh or ringette parents?) Battling before-dawn wakeup calls, rush-hour traffic, four-season driving conditions and unruly passengers — not to mention the transportation of toxic cargo known as the […]

2014 Detroit: How Toyota’s designers took the virtual FT-1 to reality

Story by John LeBlanc DETROIT – Toyota is sticking to its guns that its FT-1 concept, arguably the “hit” of the 2014 Detroit auto show, is just that — a concept. Sporting design echoes from former Toyota sports cars from the 1960s’ 2000GT to the Supra of the 1990s to today’s Scion FR-S, it’s hard […]

Video: Five most significant concepts from the 2014 Detroit Auto Show

2014 Detroit: Virtual Toyota FT-1 is a real blast

Story and photos by John LeBlanc DETROIT – While the new Toyota FT-1 Concept sports car can be virtually driven today, its acronym breaks down as “Future Toyota” and the number “1” representing the ultimate Toyota sports car.

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