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Top 10s: Future collectible cars

Story John LeBlanc That age-old bugaboo called depreciation makes sure that any new vehicle purchase is not a financial investment. But a select few of the hundreds of different models available in Canadian new car showrooms today have the potential to someday become future collectibles.

Flashback Fridays: 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8

Story by John LeBlanc Originally published, August, 2006 – WILLOW SPRINGS, California – While lined up alongside other Chrysler Street and Racing Technology vehicles waiting in the pit lane of Willow Springs race track for our turns to get in more hot laps before the course is closed, one of the Chrysler SRT engineers pokes […]

Top 10s: New 2014 vehicles to survive a Canadian winter

Story by  John LeBlanc With a Canadian winter finally here in all its freezing, snowy and slushy glory, traction is at the top of the wish list for many buyers looking for a new set of wheels. And while a proper set of snow tires is the first step in making sure you and your […]

Dear John: Winter-friendly small SUVs

Story by John LeBlanc If there’s one defining season that our country is known for, it’s winter. And for some new car buyers, getting from A to B in the snow, slush and freezing rain of a typical Canadian winter can be challenging at the best of times, but especially if the majority of your […]

Top 10s: New cars for hipsters

By John LeBlanc If you were born sometime during the mid ‘80s and mid ‘90s, live in a city, come from a middle-class upbringing, jeer at Coldplay fans, and have a wardrobe that consists mainly of plaid shirts, skinny jeans, and fedoras, you very well may be considered a hipster. Automakers are struggling to connect with […]

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